Peak performance with tradition

From Mönchengladbach to all the world

The owner family of R+F has a tradition of textile machine construction spanning four generations. In 1910, Wilhelm Reiners, D.Eng., became the owner of Schlafhorst, another well-known company in our industry. His son, Walter Reiners, D.Eng., and then Jan Reiners, MBA, in the third generation, led Schlafhorst to great successes by the early 1990s.

Our tradition is the combination of excellent innovation power with an exclusive focus on customer benefits.

100% high-tech expertise

Unique technology

Precise rings and travellers for precise yarns.With R+F spinning systems, you consistently produce the best possible yarn quality from your raw material. Within one cops, from cops to cops, from machine to machine.

Every R+F ring is manufactured with the unique Loop® turning technology – an R+F innovation used to manufacture spinning rings with the highest level of precision.The precise flange geometry, identical from ring to ring, ensures maximum process reliability with the least possible variation of the yarn quality.

The excellent number of variants of the R+F ring travellers is manufactured with the greatest care in order to always meet your requirements for all applications.We know how important it is to manufacture the ring traveller quality with the smallest degree of variation so that you can rely on the outstanding performance of every single R+F ring traveller – piece by piece.

Our goal is that even our most demanding customers are satisfied with us and our products – to help secure your market position.

The Turbo ring - Fast. Safe. Durable.

The premium class of chrome-plated spinning rings, exclusively at R+F

Thanks to very high manufacturing precision, it combines the best run-in properties, quickly achievable maximum speeds, optimal lubrication film build-up and stable lubrication balance with a long service life.

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