Ring Travellers

Conical and vertical ring/traveller systems

The key to the success of a ring spinning mill lies in the optimal balance between the conflicting factors of flawless yarn quality with the simultaneously highest possible productivity of the spinning machine. The optimal selection of spinning rings and ring travellers is crucial here.

The influence of these two spinning components on the yarn quality occurs through:

  • Geometry and property of the ring working surface
  • Correctly selected ring traveller for the ring profile
  • Ring traveller with the correct design of the yarn passage

The following factors are decisive for very high machine productivity:

  • Stable lubricant film formation for good sliding behaviour between the spinning ring and ring traveller
  • Optimal traveller system on the ring flange for stable operational behaviour
  • The lowest variation of ring travellers for gentle handling of the lubrication film

Reiners + Fürst offers tailor-made solutions for your application.

The Turbo ring - Fast. Safe. Durable.

The premium class of chrome-plated spinning rings, exclusively at R+F

Thanks to very high manufacturing precision, it combines the best run-in properties, quickly achievable maximum speeds, optimal lubrication film build-up and stable lubrication balance with a long service life.

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