Short staple spinning

Long staple spinning


Product range

Our production program includes:

  1. High-performance spinning rings for ring spinning and twisting machines in all common technical designs for achieving the highest spindle speeds with excellent service lives.
  2. Precisely fitted ring travellers, made of steel and nylon, for all applications in order to constantly meet the best yarn quality parameters and, at the same time, the highest economic efficiency.
  3. Ergonomically shaped and robust devices for attaching ring travellers and for maintaining machines to make maintenance work much easier.

The Turbo ring - Fast. Safe. Durable.

The premium class of chrome-plated spinning rings, exclusively at R+F

Thanks to very high manufacturing precision, it combines the best run-in properties, quickly achievable maximum speeds, optimal lubrication film build-up and stable lubrication balance with a long service life.

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