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More productivity

Higher speeds without compromising

With R+F rings and travellers, you achieve higher speeds with the same yarn breakage rate and hairiness – or reduced yarn breakage rates and reduced hairiness at the same speeds.

Our best sellers: Turbo and CeraDur

  • Turbo – more than just chrome-plated. Our turbo rings shine due to an ultra-fine, special coating. In this way, you achieve significantly reduced ring and traveller run-in times.
  • CeraDur – outstanding traveller service lives under extreme spinning conditions.

    The nearly diamond-hard surface of our CeraDur rings and travellers maximises productivity.

Tailor-made solutions

Solutions for every spinning situation

The right rings and ring travellers for your yarn. We understand your needs and have efficient, tried and tested solutions so you can meet those needs. We supply you with ring/ring traveller systems, whose geometries and friction properties are optimally tailored to the spindle speed and the yarn to be spun.

Increase your yarn quality

We offer you expert advice and optimised systems for:

  • Standard yarns
  • Compact yarns
  • High-speed spinning
  • The finest yarns
  • Denim yarns
  • Effect yarns
  • Worsted yarns
  • Technical yarns

Research and development

Around the world, R+F stands for products of the highest quality combined with a future-oriented innovation power to constantly improve the ring spinning process. Numerous international patents for ring and ring traveller combinations attest to the performance of our technology.

In order to always meet this standard, our employees from various technical areas work together in teams with renowned institutes from the fields of textile, material and surface technology. The starting point is always making our employees aware of anticipating and recognising what could enhance our customers’ benefits.

We attach great importance to this culture of creativity and development, because this is the only way we can secure the future of R+F.

The Turbo ring - Fast. Safe. Durable.

The premium class of chrome-plated spinning rings, exclusively at R+F

Thanks to very high manufacturing precision, it combines the best run-in properties, quickly achievable maximum speeds, optimal lubrication film build-up and stable lubrication balance with a long service life.

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